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Geotextile Fabric

    Geotextile Fabrics are made by PET, polypropylene, featured with good physical property, high tensile, resisting tearing, bursting, stabbing etc. It can effectively prevent the impact of irregular stones on the fabric and boasts excellent drainage,separation,filtration,protection and reinforcement performance.


    Fiberglassgeogrid made of excellent reinforcement non-alkali fiberglass yarn and coated with excellent modified asphalt coating treament is a kind of plane network shape material. It is weaven into base material by using advanced warp knitter and adopts warknitted directional structure. Warp-knitting structure makes full use of yarn strength in textile and greatly improves geogrid's chemical performance makeing it have good tension resistance,tearing resistance and creep resistance.


    Plastic Geocell products are three-dimensional, expandable panels made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). When Plastic Geocell expanded during installation, the interconnected strips form the walls of a flexible, three-dimensional cellular structure into which specified infill materials are placed and compacted.

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