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CPE Waterproofing Membrane
Material:  CPE 
Length:  50 
Color:  White 
Payment Terms:  T/T 
Min. Order:  1000 
Productivity:  10,000sqm/day 
Delivery Time:  Within 12 days 
Packaging:  Woven Bags 
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 Chlorinated polyethylene waterproofing membrane are developed by our own factory, producing a new type of high-strength special waterproofing bridge, this product is based on chlorinated polyethylene-based materials, adding modifiers, anti-aging agent and promoting agents and some other enhancer complex formed by mixing two-sided rolling. With a big rally, high elasticity, oil resistance, flame resistance, weather resistance and long service life and other comprehensive features. The product is cold construction waterproofing materials, construction, easy operation, and from climate conditions.

 Thickness: 1.2mm 1.5mm, 1.8 mm, 2.0 mm

Width :1.0-2 .5 m       Length: 10-50m
Note: can be customized according to customer needs.
Type: single-band pattern (N type),   Compound attached cloth (L type). 

 This product is suitable for all kinds of industrial and civil building roof, basement, reservoirs, ponds, sewage treatment system, civil air defense projects, channel, girder factory waterproofing. Especially for highways, railways and culverts, bridges and other water impermeable concrete bridge deck construction.